"Give me just one reason why my business should have its own Web Site..."

Well, how about TEN reasons?

A web site opens your doors for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Internet presence expands your market globally as well as locally. Sell shrimp in Sri Lanka if you feel like it.

A web site acts as a tireless salesperson, selling your products continuously without complaining about the length of its sales pitch.
Never before has an advertising medium allowed for such a completely interactive customer relationship.

A web site can answer customer questions before they even arise. This creates a new breed of well-informed leads.
An Internet Presence instills in your customers the confidence that they are dealing with a company that is on the cutting edge of information technology.

As quickly as the Internet is becoming an integral part of everyday life, consumers continually look to the Internet as a complete reference to modern business.
The ability to fully showcase one's company in a World Wide Web Site reduces the cost of printing, preparing and mailing sales literature.

Your Web Site will reduce the cost of conventional means of communication, e.g. long distance phone and fax bills. Why pay for a long distance connection when you will already be connected to the world at very little cost?
The cost of maintaining Internet Presence is but a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising media yet allows a business to say much, much more.

If the preceeding ten advantages of Internet Presence for your company didn't sufficiently convince you, then the following should do the trick...

It's the COOL thing to do.
Your kids can brag about you at school.
It's yet another excuse to play on the Web.