Ronnie Oldham's U.S.A.F. Assignments
321st Combat Support Group, Grand Forks, North Dakota

So I'm on a plane heading for my new assignment in North Dakota.  I had been to North Dakota before, but knew nothing of Grand Forks and certainly nothing about their winter.  I was expecting a frozen tundra punctuated by missile silos. The movie on the flight was "War Games" and the first place to blow up was, of course, Grand Forks.  Interesting start, but it actually turned out to be a pretty good assignment.  I started out as a mail clerk, delivering mail around the base.  I can actually confirm that 25 degrees below zero doesn't stop the mail in the USAF.  Eventually, I worked my way up to Asst Base Records Manager and then  as assistant to the officer and NCO in charge of Base Administration.  Also held additional duties such as Base Detail Monitor and Mobility NCO.

Grand Forks Awards
Living in Grand Forks, ND

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