Ronnie Oldham's U.S.A.F. Assignments
374th Tactical Airlift Wing, Clark Air Base, Philippines

The 374th was primarily a Military Airlift Command C-130 wing, but there were also Nightingale and Jolly Green units.  We weren't part of the 13th Air Force and were a tenant on the base.  I worked in the Wing Headquarters building right next to the flightline, Base Ops and the 3rd TFW.  The building was metal and had no windows.  When the power was out, it could get hot.  It was my first real assignment and I was a special orders clerk, but ended up as the administrative systems manager for the wing.  I only had two stripes on my sleeve, so the level of responsibility was quite high for my rank.  Had several real nice TDYs to Manila, Korea, Hawaii, and Mississippi.  Ended up getting married in Mississippi during one of the TDYs.  Still have two close friends that I met while at Clark.  Would love to go back someday to see how things have changed now that the US military is no longer there.

Russ Gifford - a friend and co-worker that I have unfortunately lost touch with.  He was from the Chattanooga, TN area.

Airman Performance Reports while at Clark

Awards won while at Clark

Living in Angeles City, Philippines

Ronnie's Adventures in the Philippines

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