Ronnie Oldham
Adams Globalization Director of Sales 

    In August 2002, I was approached about a position with Adams Globalization, a 22 year old Austin-based firm specializing in software localization.  Though it was less money than I had been accustomed, it was immediately appealing.  My combination of sales expertise, language skills, and knowledge of the software development process was a perfect fit.  I faced the normal challenges associated with a smaller resource- constrained organization, but I sat on the executive committee and felt I would be able to have a major impact on the future of the company.  We made significant strides since I joined the company, including several new name brand clients and a vastly improved sales pipeline.  We had a clear vision and some incredibly sharp people.  The new web site and branding effort was extremely well-received.  Several new software systems and processes were implemented with some impressive efficiency gains.  Management demonstrated some willingness to invest in people and technology during the slow times and I could see it starting to pay off.   We even won the award for being the best small to medium size localization firm in the industry.  It was a good place to go in the mornings.



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