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Living in Angeles City, Philippines

The Philippines was a culture shock for me at first.  I had missed the military charter flight out of St. Louis and was put us on a commercial flight to Manilla.  That's where I met Louis Rogers, another airman in the same situation, who is a good friend to this day. We arrived at about 10pm on New Years Day 1983.  The next day we made it to Clark Air Base and started to settle in.  My new job was an orders clerk for the 374TAW and I lived in the MAC dorms.  Louis and I tended to party on weeknights and take road trips over the weekend.  He and another good friend, Brian Kennedy, rented a place off-base just off the Dau Highway (blow road).  They called it the Dead Dog Saloon and Goodtime Emporium.  We had some good times there.  Occasionally, some drunk Australian would stumble in thinking it was another bar.  They'd sell him a beer.

This is the sign Louis and Brian had painted over the door of their place.


Louis and I made several trips around the island.  We bought motorcycles, but would still often ride the busses (Philippine Rabbits).  We made several trips to Baguio, Puerta Gallera, and the coast.  Really had a great time.  Eventually rented this place off base.

wpe8.gif (134053 bytes)
This is my house on Angeles Hwy
wpe7.gif (137948 bytes)
This was the view from the front door.
wpe6.gif (114504 bytes)
This was my next door neighbor's house.  The nipa hut is a party wagon on a Cushman scooter.
wpeA.gif (112529 bytes)
This was my maid.

In June of 1984, I had orders to Grand Forks, North Dakota and left the Philippines to return to the States.

Roadtrips while living in the PI
Working at the 374 TAW

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