Ronnie Oldham
Living in Biloxi, Mississippi

After graduating from USAF basic military training in San Antonio, I boarded a bus for tech school in Biloxi.  I lived in a dormitory with a curfew, but managed to have a good time.  Spend a lot of time at the beach and at the Airman's club.  I was there to learn how to be a 702 Administrative Specialist.  The first course was typing.  Since I already knew how to type, I tested out of that class.  Still, I had to wait for the rest to finish their typing class before starting the 702 course.  While everyone else was in typing class, I was buffing floors.  Anyway, the course went well.  I became a student leader (yellow rope) and marched the group to class every morning.  We graduated in December of 1982 and a pretty blond from eastern Oklahoma and I rented a car and drove home together.  I had orders for the Philippines and she was going to Hawaii.  Never saw her again.  So, after a short leave in Shawnee, I was off to the P.I.

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