Ronnie Oldham
Living in Denton, Texas

When I quit my job with Shawnee Sales & Marketing in 1980, I hitchhiked to Denton, Texas and looked up an old friend who was going to college at North Texas State, Paul Fernandez.  I had planned to go on to Dallas and look for work at the Apparel Mart, but Denton was fun and I decided to stay there.  Besides, I didn't have any money.  Paul had been staying at his parents' house in Denton and wanted his own place anyway.  So, he and I rented an apartment not far from campus.  I worked a few jobs around town that summer.  Work was easy to find, but since I didn't have transportation my options were limited.  I didn't stay in Denton but a couple of months, but I had several different jobs.  I worked for a while at a very cool book and gift store next to the campus, I did some day labor counting and bundling newspapers, and I screwed sheetrock at the new Golden Triangle Mall.  One day, I took a job busting concrete out of wrecked cement mixer trucks with a jackhammer.  It was a record head wave that summer and I quit before noon on the first day.  Then, Paul and I set off for Arkansas in his old Chevy Nova, selling coupon organizers to Piggly Wigglys and other grocery stores.  When we got back to Denton, I was still searching for my calling.  I decided to take off.  One of my life's biggest regrets was leaving many of my possessions in Denton.  The owner of the apartment complex wasn't willing to keep the stuff indefinitely and eventually I lost most of my high school memorabilia, trophies, and record albums.  I also lost several pictures and newspaper clippings that rather ticked off my mother.  Still, I didn't think I had much choice.  With my guitar and as much as I could carry, Paul dropped me off out on Interstate 35 North and I headed for Arizona.  

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