Diamond Pin Award

This is Encyclopaedia Britannica's Diamond Pin award.  It is given to the sales rep in each division with the most unit sales.   I received the Diamond Pin in 1989 for the Dallas Division while I worked full-time as the Division Trainer, a salaried position.  The award also included a diamond pin and a silver serving tray.

National Rookie of the Month

This is Britannica's National Rookie of the Month Award.  I received this award in 1988 while I was a staff sargeant in the Air Force, stationed at Great Falls, Montana.  My first three months sales as a part-time sales rep qualified me for an outstanding trip to San Diego.  There I met Michael Beardon and Victor Picone and decided to join EBUSA sales management upon my separation from the USAF.

Sales Master Award

Britannica's Salesmaster Club.  I won this award shortly after beginning my book selling career.  It marks a significant commission increase.


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