Ronnie Oldham
Living in Elk City, Oklahoma

During the oil field boom on 1981-82, I worked as a driller around Elk City, OK.  Elk City was a town of about 1000 that grew into 10,000 overnight.  Many of the roughnecks were renting out cots for 8 hour shifts.  We were lucky.  My company rented a double-wide trailer at the Ramada Inn in Elk City for my crew and me.  My Brother, Doug, worked for me there for a while.  I also had a couple of illegal Canadians from Saskatchewan named John and Rene.  The pay was good and we worked lots of hours.  There was a bar right there at the motel and I was lucky enough to hook up with a waitress there.  There were at least 20 men for every woman in town.  As you can imagine,  there was a lot of drinking and fighting going on.  It was really a "wild west" boom town kind of environment.  We were mostly drilling deep holes for gas around Cheyenne, OK.  I drove a 1967 Chevy with a propane system.  One day on the way to work we caught it on fire.  Eventually, we had had enough and I moved back toward Shawnee.  I ended up working for Continental Drilling and decided to rent an apartment in OKC.

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