Ronnie Oldham
Criticism of GAI-Tronics' Strategy in the early 1990's

GAI-Tronics Corporation
was a $30 million company with tremendous share in its traditional markets when I joined the West Region Sales Team in 1990.  Technology was rapidly obsolescing the company's mainstay, the Page/Party product line, and revenues were steadily declining, despite regular price increases.  In response, management pursued several commonly accepted mature market strategies:

NOTE:  This was written in 1998 (a couple years after I left GAI-Tronics) as an academic exercise.  GAI-Tronics had already been acquired by Hubbell and many changes were already underway.  Although my comments did irritate several remaining GAI-Tronics employees, they were not intended to "get back" at GAI-Tronics in any way.  They were designed to demonstrate my personal understanding of the bigger issues and provide an insight into what I would have done differently.  GAI-Tronics is a completely differently company now and the following comments should be viewed only as a historical case study. 


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