Ronnie Oldham
Working in the Oilfield

    In 1981 the Oil & Gas boom in Oklahoma was on.  I started out as a worm and derrick hand on a truck-mounted telescoping Ideco drilling rig.   Seems like I turned in about 25 W-2s that year.  Each job change was also a promotion and usually a pay increase.  The situation allowed me to cram years of widely varied drilling experience into a short intense course. 

    Here I am in the Spring of 1982.  That's me in the white hardhat back at the brake.  I was the driller on a large Continental Drilling Company rig.   It was modern and powerful.  We lived at the location for seven days and worked twelve hour shifts.  Then we had a week off.  I supervised a crew of five.  Truthfully, these big rigs are almost like a factory or plant.  I really like the smaller land rigs better.  Anyway, after an appendix removal and finding my propane system on the car stolen, I gave it all up and, in August 1982, joined the US Air Force.

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