Ronnie's Adventures in Tasmania

Character Building in Tasmania

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I was assigned to Operation Raleigh as the Administrative Officer for Expedition 9A in Tasmania, Australia from November 1986 to February 1987. List of all Venturers and Staff on Expedition 9A

My Performance Report as Logistics Officer.
Hobart, Tasmania

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Now known as Raleigh International Trust. This was the largest ever youth expedition and followed Operation Drake with encouragement from HRH The Prince of Wales, the British Government and many organisations. Using aircraft and ships, particularly the scientific exploration vessel Sir Walter Raleigh, over 7,000 young people from 50 nations had participated in worthwhile projects all over the world by 1991. Today it is still thriving as an organisation in its own right, with the support of the Scientific Exploration Society.

A poem about Op Raleigh Tasmania

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On a mountaintop, Christmas Day with Col. John Blasford Snell and our USAF helicopter pilot, Joel Schmideke.

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Discussing the Australian expeditions.  Tas Knight, Operation Raleigh's Tasmanian representative; Lt. Col Robin Letts, Director of Operations in Australia; Lt. Col Alister Pope, formerly Acting Chairman, Victoria State Committee; and the Patron HRH The Prince of Wales.  Col Letts invited us over to his house in Hobart for Boxing Day.  He wrote me an excellent letter of appreciation.  Really an outstanding fellow.



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