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    After graduating from OBU, I accepted a sales executive position with Production Modeling Corporation and moved to Dearborn, MI to begin my new career.   My primary responsibility was to sell ERP software and related implementation services, productivity improvement consulting, and various industrial engineering services.  Initially, I was assigned a $1.5 million quota  

    I was initially attracted to PMC for several reasons.  Most importantly, I felt that I had found an opportunity where I could make a real impact.  A director position with ownership interests seemed very attainable.  The company also had an outstanding reputation.  Since 1984, PMC had completed over 1,500 complex information, manufacturing and development projects, including software design, web site development, MRP/ERP implementation, supply chain modeling, business process reengineering, and discrete event simulation studies.  Much of this work was done for GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, Case IH, Whirlpool, Samsung and several eading automotive suppliers, including Johnson Controls and the Budd Company.  PMC's client list is extremely impressive for a small firm.  

    PMC also offered an outstanding opportunity to learn.  In addition to ERP experience, I would learn lean manufacturing, theory of constraints, Kanban, discrete simulation modeling, system dynamics modeling, material flow analysis, and more.  The firm's managers were Eli Goldratt trained "Jonah"s and strong advocates of the SEI CMM process maturity model.  Most of the senior staff were PhDs and they had years of experience improving the productivity and efficiency of some of the world's leading manufacturing facilities.  PMC has a skilled staff of discrete and robotic simulation developers and they had been successfully leveraging these competencies in developing custom software solutions for capacity scheduling, website development, and decision support systems.  PMC had stumbled into ERP software when its consultants began recommending the software to their clients as part of an overall productivity improvement analysis.  At the time, they were selling Baan.  Later, we signed an agreement with the interBiz division of Computer Associates to resell their products.   In PMC, I saw an opportunity to significantly differentiate from other software resellers and implementers by focusing on processes and using sophisticated computer modeling techniques to build and validate value.  

    Things have worked out rather well.  The people at PMC are great.  Onur (the president) has done an outstanding job attracting quality personnel, although we have lost some key talent as well.  The sales department consists of Andy Gevaert and myself.  For 3Q/99 (my first full quarter there), Andy and I had record bookings and maxed the compensation plan.  4Q looks weak, but the pipeline for 2000 is shaping up very nicely.  We got PMC to pay for Sandler training for Andy and both of us have attended onTarget's Target Account Selling training.  Andy and I are implementing both methodologies with good results.  We are calling high and developing strong relationships.  How can we go wrong? 

PMC's offices are in Parklane Towers, just north of Ford World Headquarters.

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