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Roadtrip to San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines

Our little gold mine of a beach resort on coast of the South China Sea was exactly what we were looking for, but much more than we ever expected.  It all started with a few friends looking at a map and seeing that the coast wasn't far past the back of the base.  Basically, it looked like we had to get over some mountains and we'd find ocean.  So one weekend we rented motorcycles and headed out, figuring that if caribou could make it we could too.  Well, as it turned out we couldn't and we turned back, but not before finding some remote Phillipine Army outposts that I suppose were fighting NPA rebels.  We hung out for a while and played with their weapons, but we were still determined to find the ocean.  We would just have to take the long way through Olongapo.  Of course by the time we got there is was late.  We were headed north up the closest thing to a coast highway.  On a whim, I just picked a place to turn left and followed the little road until we hit beach sand.  The bikes wouldn't stand up in the sand, but had arrived and we were staying.  What we didn't realize was the commotion that would be stirred up when Americans were spotted on the beach.  The next morning we woke to a wonderful beach house and another batch of great folks.  The trip back was quite the adventure as well.  The map showed a road under construction that would take us directly to Tarlac.  Low on gas and in the middle of nowhere, we finally had to turn back this time as well.  But the gas held out and we survived the long ride back to the base, with just a wee stopover in Olongapo.  San Felipe, like many of our adventures yielded good memories and a place that I'd like to return to.  Actually, several of the guy did just that after I had already left the PI.

Living in the Philippines
Working at the 374 TAW

Puerto Galera
San Felipe
San Fernando, La Union
San Fernando
Wallace Air Station
Bars in Angeles City

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