Ronnie Oldham
Roadtrip to San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

San Fernando was not far from Clark AB, but the Easter festivities that we saw there were fairly bizarre.  The crucifixion of Christ is reenacted annually by folks that actually have holes through their hands for the nails.  Parades of sinners would pass by flagellating themselves with leather whips with bamboo slivers at the ends after dipping the ends in vinegar.  There were men and women that dragged crosses through the street.  We ended up being covered in human blood.  Was a little freaky, especially with the AIDS scare at the time.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Living in the Philippines
Working at the 374 TAW

Puerto Galera
San Felipe
San Fernando, La Union
San Fernando
Wallace Air Station
Bars in Angeles City

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