Ronnie Oldham
Living in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Shawnee is my hometown.  I grew up there and most of my family is still there.  Over the years, I've returned regularly.  Usually I just go back to visit friends and relatives, but I have lived several different places in Shawnee.  After graduating from Bethel High School in 1978, I stayed the rest of the summer with my aunt and uncle out by Shawnee Lake.  I was driving my VW into town every day to work at the airport as a welder.  In the fall, I moved into Brotherhood dormitory at OBU.  I stayed in the dorm for two semesters.  I worked as a route driver for RC Cola and went to school some of the time.  In the spring of 1979, I took a job with Agra-Sun Systems in OKC.  I was driving a 1974 Thunderbird at the time and had a pretty blond girlfriend named Stacy.  That relationship didn't last too long as I was often gone on road trips throughout the midwest selling grain bins.  Around June, I came back to Shawnee and stayed for a while with Chris Hilditch and his wife, Karen, while I found a new job.  School just didn't seem possible.  I went to work right away for Shawnee Sales & Marketing.  I had the use of a company van and drove it all over Oklahoma.  I worked there for a year.  I moved in with Greg Reynolds and his wife near Harrison and East Main.  Greg was working as a photographer for the News-Star at the time.  He had been a student at St. Gregorys and had several great party friends.  Greg also introduced me to a group of folks that had come down from Decauter, IL to work in the oil field, Joe Hesse, Tom Schleuter, and Dave Raney.  I stayed for a while with them at their apartment at Cimarron Villiage and eventually got my own place in the same building.  Later, Kenny Odell and I got a place in the same neighborhood.  We also had the third floor of the Aldridge Hotel for a while.  It was a cool place and we got free rent for helping to renovate the old hotel.  Turned out that the new manager was a scam artist and our good deal didn't last too long.  I also stayed in a trailer house at the trailer park on North Harrison with the guys from RC Cola, Bob Brown and Gomez.  Bob and his family live in OKC now.  He is an outstanding guitarist and I hope he still plays.  I don't know what ever happened to Gomez or his nephew.  In June of 1980, I left town and stayed in Denton, TX for a while and then at the Painted Desert.

The oil boom was going strong and it didn't take long for me to decided to come back and go to work on a drilling rig.  Chris Hilditch was drilling for a small drilling company and offered me a job.  That essentially started a new career for me.  I worked on several rigs around Shawnee, making the best money I had ever made.  I had worked my way up to driller and Joe and Tom worked on my crew.  I rented a nice little apartment on North Beard.  A guy named Scooter Henderson moved in next door.  We had a great time there, partying all the time.  Scooter was great at picking up women and he'd often pick up an extra one for me.  It was about this time that I met Teresa Johnson.  I don't know what ever happened to her, but I think of her often.  Scooter and I took off for Elk City to work on the bigger rigs for a while.  Eventually, Joe, Dave, and I decided to Montana to work the rigs up there.  We decided to go by way of the Rocky Mountains as they had never seen them.  Turned out to be a most excellent road trip.  After we came back, I lived in OKC for a while and then went into the U.S. Air Force.  

I didn't live in Shawnee again until I went back to OBU.  In October of 1996, I quit my job with GAI-Tronics in Reading, PA and moved back to be a full-time OBU student.  My wife, daughter, and I rented a house near the OBU campus.  I went to school and she worked at TDK.  I had been doing a little computer business on the side, under the name of Computer Solutions.  Although I wanted to earn some extra money and keep my technology skill current, I didn't want administrative work.  Chris Hilditch and I partnered up and expanded Computer Solutions into  We built the business out of his old garage and it is still going strong.  When I graduated from OBU, I sold my interest in the business to Chris and moved to Dearborn, MI to start the next chapter of my life.   

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