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Helicopter trip to Wallace Air Station, Philippines

Got a chance to ride a Jolly Green helicopter up to Wallace Air Station.  Didn't know what to expect, but we hadn't been there and it sounded like fun.  From what I could tell, the purpose of the base was to fire drones out over the water for the Navy to shoot down.  Found a great little seaside hotel and got trashed on the beach.  We were listening to Santana and swimming in the dark until we realized that we were surrounded by jellyfish.  The next day we chartered a bonca boat, which is basically a canoe with an outrigger and lawn mower engine with a prob.  We headed out to deep water.  Our guide said about 6 or 7 fathom.  All I know is that the water turned a much deeper blue and was very deep.  We brought our rods, but apparently the way to do it is to troll around with large bait and a spool of 100lb line in your hand.  I'm sure glad I didn't hook a big tuna or something when holding that spool.

Living in the Philippines
Working at the 374 TAW

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San Fernando
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