Ronnie Oldham's U.S.A.F. Assignments
6168th Combat Support Squadron, Tague Air Base, Korea

My short tour in Korea was at a place called K-2.  It was actually the Taegu commercial airport, but like most airports in Korea, it was primarily a military installations.  The USAF contingent at K-2 was fairly small.  We were basically support for a squadron of F-4s (In understand they now fly F-15s out of Taegu.)  Since we were a small base, most everything came through our headquarters at  Osan Air Base. just south of Seoul.  My job title was Assistant, Base Administration, which was typically a job reserved to Master Sergeants or above.  It really was a small unit.  In fact, the Tague AB had the smallest bowling alley I have ever seen.  It had two lanes and the pins were set manually by Korean dudes.  I was on the decontamination team and I have to tell you, they really take the war games serious in Korea.  I spent many days under a desk in my blacked out office wearing a gas mask.  Fun times!  The interesting thing is that the USAF regulations changed while I was enroute to Korea, which really messed up my plans.  I had always planned to separate when my time came and the requirement for a stateside assignment was six month.  Sometime while I was in Australia, they changed it to 12 months, so I was faced with a decision; stay in Korea until my DOS or extend for long enough to get a stateside assignment.  I extended and received orders for Malmstron AFB, Montana, which in in Great Falls.

Travels around Korea
Living in Taegu, South Korea

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