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Collection of Currency From Around the World

I've always liked money.  Seems only natural that I would be fascinated by colorful notes from around the world.  Here's what I've picked up along the way.   I've indicated where I have more than 1 bill.  Not really a big trader, but if you see something you need to complete a set, let me know.  Of course, I'm always willing to add to my collection.

Afgan Currency ] Argentinian Currency ] Australian Currency ] Bahaman Currency ] Belarusian Currency ] Belgian Currency ] Biafran Currency ] Brazilian Currency ] Bulgarian Currency ] Burmese Currency ] Cambodian Currency ] Canadian Currency ] Chiliean Currency ] Chinese Currency ] Danish Currency ] Dutch Currency ] Egyptian Currency ] French Currency ] German Currency ] German Stocks and Bonds ] Greek Currency ] Hong Kong Currency ] Hungarian Currency ] Indian Currency ] Indonesian Currency ] Iranian Currency ] Iraqi Currency ] Italian Currency ] Japanese Currency ] Kazakh Currency ] Korean Currency ] Laosian Currency ] Luxembourg Currency ] Malayan Currency ] Malaysian Currency ] Mexican Currency ] Netherlands Indies Currency ] Nepal Currency ] New Zealand Currency ] Nicaraguan Currency ] Nigerian Currency ] Omani Currency ] Pakistan Currency ] Peruvian Currency ] Philippine Currency ] Polish Currency ] Russian Currency ] Saudi Arabian Currency ] Singapore Currency ] Spanish Currency ] Tahitian Currency ] Tajik Currency ] Thai Currency ] Taiwanese Currency ] Turkish Currency ] Turkmeni Currency ] Ugandian Currency ] Ukrainian Currency ] UAE Currency ] United States Currency ] Uzbek Currency ] Vietnamese Currency ] Yugoslavian Currency ]

Lots of people write asking how much a particular note is worth.  To be honest, I just don't keep up with that.  I have several books on the subject, but they are fairly old.  The common stuff like pre-war German, Chinese & Russian notes have no monetary value and can usually be had for a dollar or less per note.  Same for the Japanese occupation money.  Here are some links that may help:

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International Bank Note Society


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