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I've been to Mexico a lot.  The best trip was one that several people committed to go on, but everyone backed out.  So, I went by myself.  Flew from Juarez to Chihuahua.  Took the wpeED.gif (61688 bytes) train through the Copper Canyon.  Road second class down the coast. Hitched from Tepic to San Blas.  Settled in there for a while.   What a great place.  I like it better than San Cristobal or Puerto Escondito.

I can't remember how many times I've hit the border towns.  Went to El Paso a few times working.  There were a couple of trips to Tiajuana, once with Li Ying.  I took Fiona across at El Paso and drove a few hundred miles along the border on the Mexico side.  Paul Fernandez and I rafted the Rio Grande at Terlingua.  We took a rowboat across the river there and drove across at Ojinaja.  And of course there have been the occasional runs to Laredo or Matamores. 


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Copper Canyon

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San Blas

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