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My first trip to Taipei was on my was to the Philippines, but I didn't leave the airport.  After I got married I spent some time in Taiwan.  My wife was born and grew up in Ilan, Taiwan.  I went over for a week to help her get her passport cleared up.  Stayed in their family home.  It was really cool.   When I left the Philippines, I went to Taiwan again.  My wife was already there.  I traveled around the country for a week before I told her that I was in the country.  I had a great time, but she didn't appreciate it much.  After that we traveled around the island together.  I particularly enjoy a romantic little tea house in Kaoshung.  The fruit in the center of the island was great.  We also stayed in a Chinese youth hostel for one night.  Different....  Went over again from Seoul in 1987, but haven't been back since.  I'm sure my daughter, Fiona, would enjoy a visit and she does have some relatives there.  One of these days...

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