Tahitian FlagRonnie's Adventures in Tahiti

Truthfully, Tahita was kind of a bummer.  On the way back from Australia, I managed to be "awaiting transportation" in Papeete for a few days.   Exerything was very expensive.  There were no vahini babes.  The only women in the clubs were transvestites.  Of course, the French sailors didn't seem to care.  I rented a volvo, but since the cheapest hotel I could find was $200 a night, I didn't plan on many excursions.  Beer was $10 in a street side cafe.   Met two nice little old lady tourists from the states.  They paid my gas to take them around the island and to the Gaugan museum.   Worked out well for all of us.  Probably won't go back though, unless it's a Club Med Bora Bora deal or something.

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