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    Was stationed in the Philippines at Clark Air Base for 18 months in 1992 and 1993.  While most of the airmen hit the town on the weekends, my friends and I usually left town.  We travelled all over Luzon and really tried to fully experience the culture.  Here are a few favorite destinations and a little about we did there.


I had the pleasure of meeting Lolita Carbon of the Pinoy folk-rock band ASIN.  Somehow through a friend's connections we ended up getting front row seats for her concert.  Afterwards, we hung out drinking and talking.  She was enchanting.  I don't understand much of the lyrics, but I still love the sound of her voice.  This is a picture that she gave me.

Puerto Galera
San Felipe
San Fernando, La Union
San Fernando
Wallace Air Station
Bars in Angeles City



Living in the Philippines
Working at the 374 TAW

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